A computer is nice but not necessary to get the story out. So if you are one of those who thinks you need a computer, Scrivener, and a printer calm down you don’t. You just need to find the time to write, the discipline to use that time for writing, and pen & paper to get the story on the page. I currently write using a notebook & pen and I write once every two weeks when I go wash my laundry. It doesn’t matter when or how often you write as long as it is consistent. You have to do what works for you.

This is my year of change and my writing goal for this year is to increase the times I can write so that it’s more than twice a month. I’m hoping to get to at least once a week. Trying to keep it reachable and doable. I have a full time job and family so spending 3 hours a day writing just isn’t going to work right now. That will have to wait until my writing actually makes me money.

A successful writing career starts by doing what works best for you and improving upon it.

Until next week

Current word count for Wilder than the Martian Winds: 663 words


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