For those of you wondering where is my post for last week. This is that post. I was sick all weekend and didn’t have the energy to anything but lie in bed and sleep. Feeling lots better now so on with the post.

Science Fiction Romance or SFR for short is a combination of two already existing genres. Romance and Science Fiction. It’s a new and growing genre in literature. Writers either come from the Romance genre and add Science Fiction into their work or they come the Science Fiction genre and add Romance to their work. I belong to the latter. I grew up on all things Science Fiction thanks to my dad. My Saturday mornings weren’t filled with cartoons but Dr. Paul Bearer and Elvira Mistress of the Dark watching B rated 1950s science fiction like, Night of the Lepus. We also watched Star Trek: TOS and the original Planet of the Apes movies. This leached over into my reading as well and I read anything from the library that was labeled Science Fiction. One of my favorite works is titled “Invitation to the Game” by Monica Hughes. I was also named after a princess from outer space so my fate seemed to be sealed for writing SF. (No not Lyra from “His Dark Materials” that was published after I was born.)

I currently had one little short story published where I earned a small sum. It was enough to get a coffee at Starbucks so a very small sum. While growing up watching reading all my SF I realized I was focusing on the relationships between the characters. In most SF there is usually some sort of romance subplot. I realized with some stories that is why I was reading or watching not for the main plot but because I loved watching the characters fall in love. Even to this day I have added scenes to Stargate and then wonder where they went when I watch the film. Only to realize I added it in in my head. In Ben Bova’s Mars trilogy “Mars”, “Return to Mars”, and “Mars Life” there is a strong subplot of the relationship between Jamie Waterman and Joanna Brumado. While this trilogy is not considered SFR their relationship does affect the rest of the story. Bonus, Jamie Waterman is half-Navajo and Joanna Brumado is Brazilian so PoC main characters for those who are interested.

I read very little Romance growing up. I thought the teenage romance was simply unrealistic and stupid. Yeah, I said it. I also didn’t know about stand alone romances all I knew was Harlequin which well what do you think of Harlequin and I thought the same thing. All the horrible clichés about Romance that were floating around I believed all of them. Nope, to get my romance fix I read Historicals, not Historical romances, just straight up Historicals. It satisfied my Romance itch and was a major factor in my studying History in college. So you’ll probably see some history in my written works too because that degree isn’t going to pay itself. Only now I’m playing catch up with the Romance because while I know almost all the tropes in my preferred sub-genre of SF having read it all my life I really don’t have a clue as to Romance. So, I’ll due my best with the Romance side of things although it might be SF with Romantic elements for a couple of stories but I will always have a Happily Ever After.

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