That’s what I’m calling myself anyway. I have a prepared time and place to write regularly and I’m actually sticking with it pretty well. If I had written this blog post yesterday like I was supposed to I would be writing right now.

I’m also going to be participating in a critique session on Facebook.

Pick Up Lines hosted by Chick Confidential

I can post the first 150 words. So I’m going to participate to keep myself motivated. Oh when it’s all done I might just post the opening here in my blog. With possibly changes that might be suggested. The event isn’t until March 2 so something for my readers to look forward too.

My next scene to write involves a spaceship crash and my main characters meeting for the first time. Fun times!

I promise my next post won’t be about me and I’ll actually write about a topic. I will also be creating a Recommended Reads page which will be books from all genres. If you have any you would like to see on the list feel free to let me know.

Until next week,

Keep on reading

Wilder than the Martian Winds (yes, I have a title now): 1,589 words.


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